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Feedback on Devoxx '09


I wanted to give some feedback on

1. I like the fact that private modules specify friends using "permits". I dislike the fact that friends need to use a different "requires" syntax to denote that the import is "private". This makes modules harder to maintain. Specifying the original "permits" list should suffice.

2. Excuse me in advance for splitting hairs... "requires optional" sounds grammatically incorrect. How about "optional requires" or "optional depends"? "depends" sounds more appropriate than "requires" in this context.

3. I don't understand the section on virtual modules. What does:

module {

        actually mean? Is one "" denoting a package name and another a module name?

        How does the module system know where to find the phone version, desktop version etc? I assume the comment is meant for human consumption and doesn't actually affect behavior.